When doing a cast away, I have found that (assuming this is because we’re now in end times) demonic spirits don’t leave unless the category they consider themselves to be a part of is addressed. For this reason, when I do a cast away, I address spirits, demons, devils, others I don’t know about, those who have no right to harass, “all identities” of Satan, “all identitities” of satan spelled with a lower case s, and fallen angels. Generally, there will be a manifestation for only one or two of these classifications. Bear in mind that if spirits have a legal right to be in your life (because of something you’ve done that you haven’t apologized to God for and asked His forgiveness) or something you’re still doing that is displeasing to God, the spirits probably won’t leave when you do a cast away.

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Change of Direction

Now that I no longer write books about the spirit realm, (the ones I’ve written are still available through Amazon and my website) I’ve returned to my first love: writing romances and romantic novels. The first of these is Braddigan’s Folly, the story of a logging camp from the 1930’s doing business in the 90’s. The camp has no electricity, no plumbing, and no phone lines. It is truly a primitive operation.

The logging boss, Pete Decker (Deke), was formerly a basketball coach at Brownsville University. But a sorority prank cost him his coaching career. That’s how he ended up working as a logging foreman. Now Ember Braddigan, a female human interest reporter, has been assigned by the camp owner to do a feature layout on Braddigan’s Folly (so named because no one in the logging business ever expected the camp to succeed). But Deke (Decker) doesn’t want the publicity, and he doesn’t want Ember coming to his camp and distracting his crew.

It’s been seven years since Ember broke into his campus apartment as a sorority initiation to steal the coach’s underwear. But it cost Deke his job, and he remembers Ember well. Ember, on the other hand, has no idea that the logging boss and basketball coach are one and the same. (Due to the fact that Deke was mauled by a bear and was forced to have plastic surgery to build a new nose, his appearance has changed considerably.

Two days before Ember is to come to the logging camp, Deke goes to nearby Pitchfork and places a call in an effort to dissuade her from coming. “… If you still want to come, the train leaves at seven. That’s seven a.m., Miss Braddigan. Not 7:01, not 7:02: Seven a.m. Be there, or be left behind. Oh, and one more thing: when you’re on my turf, you play by my rules. Break them, and you’ll be out on your duff!”

Braddigan’s Folly is available through Amazon in Kindle format.



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Twelve Truths and Twelve Lies About the Spirit Realm

Truths and Lies about Demonic Spirits

There are many truths, and many lies that abound with regard to the spirit realm. Following are twelve truths and twelve lies regarding the spirit realm and demonic spirits.

Truth 1: Demonic spirits are the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation. As such, they have supernatural powers.

Truth 2: Demonic spirits do not work alone. They typically work in groups that are multiples of three.

Truth 3: The spirits who haunt houses, pretending to be ghosts, are in reality demonic spirits. Spirits of the dead do not hang around, and they do not have the power or ability to return to earth. (Job 7: 9-10 “As the cloud disappears and vanishes away, so he who goes down to the grave does not come up. He shall never return to his house. Nor shall his place know him anymore.”)

Truth 3: Even when they pretend to be our friends, demonic spirits have our worst interests at heart.

Truth 4: Demonic spirits often hide for years, harassing in subtle undetectible ways, before making their presence known through a severe form of harassment. (By hiding until the “time is ripe” to attack, the spirits hope their victim will be unable to identify when they came, and what brought them into his life.)

Truth 5: Demonic spirits work with various forms of energy to harass their victims.  (Given that our bodies are comprised in a large part of energy, this makes it easy for demonic spirits to affect our health.)

Truth 6: Demonic spirits actually put curses and other occult decrees on their victims.

Truth 7: Demonic spirits know the Bible from begining to end, considering that they were first in Heaven, then here when the Bible was written. (Quoting scripture to them does not enlighten them. It’s merely a waste of time.)

Truth 8: Demonic spirits harass animals as well as humans. Harassment of pets, in turn, is harassment of humans in that humans worry and tend to be stressed when their pets are sick or misbehaving.

Truth 9: Demonic spirits often play the role of alternative personalities, usually with the purpose of splitting families up or causing their victims to break the law such as in the case of a person who has an unexplainable urge to shoplift, or feels the uncontrollable urge to kill.

Truth 10: Demonic spirits do not have to possess a person or be internal in order to harass. (They can harass remotely from another person or location.)

Truth 11: In the case of Familiar Spirits (all of whom are demonic), spirits often play on the sympathies of their victims. (If you’ve read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, you know that one spirit group, representing itself as a single spirit, pretended to be a klutz. Another claimed it wanted to learn about love. A woman who has spirit guides wrote me that she was teaching her guide about the Bible. She felt empathy for it because it seemed so sincere.)

Truth 12: Demonic spirits can see heat patterns in our bodies which let them know exactly where our weak points and areas of inflammation are. Beyond this, they can pinpoint a single meridian, reflex zone, organ, gland, muscle, blood vessel, body system, sense, or type of cell to affect. (For these reasons, adverse health conditions and symptoms of disease are among their specialties.)  Note: This does not mean that every ache, pain, or symptom of disease is related to demonic harassment. Nor does it mean that one shouldn’t consult with his/her doctor when symptoms occur.

Now that you know some of the truths about fallen angels, let’s take a look at some of the lies that are commonly believed today:

Lie 1: Not all demons are evil. (Demons often do good things or act pathetic in an effort to make humans believe they’re good, or at least harmless. But these are often the worst of the bunch, as turned out to be the case with one of the spirit guides in Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel.)

Lie 2: Psychics, witches, witch doctors, shamans and the like can control demonic spirits.  (These people work directly with demons, often commanding the demons to do their will. In response, for a time, demons may do what the person tells him to do in order to make the person feel that he or she is in control. But the time will come when the demon will tire of the game and weild his power to attack the very person he once appeared to obey.)

Lie 3: If a person is harassed by demonic spirits, that means he’s possessed. (On the contrary, most harassment victims are not possessed.  If they do have spirits of possession, it’s normally possession of a part of the body, rather than of the person himself.)

Lie 4:  Salt, garlic, blessed crucifixes, holy water, a Bible, pictures of Jesus and Mary,  crystals, sage, and dream catchers frighten and/or ward off evil spirits. (The truth is that using any of these things for protection invites more demons into the person’s life.)

Lie 5: Curses don’t work unless their victim is aware of them. (People often put word curses on themselves without realizing it. People who are into the occult and don’t like us can put curses on us without our knowledge. Demonic spirits put these curses into effect.
And finally, demonic spirits themselves often put curses and other occult decrees against their victims without their victims’ knowledge. When spirits put curses against us, they themselves make sure the curses work.)

Lie 6: Christians can’t be harassed by demonic spirits.  Virtually everyone has ancestral and generational spirits, regardless of whether he’s ever done anything to open the door for spirits to harass. In addition, there are spirits who harass even when they have no legal right.

Lie 7: Demonic spirits smell like sulphur. (Demons smell like sulphur only when they want to. Normally, they have no odor at all.)

Lie 8: Demonic spirits cannot read our minds. (When a person has been involved at any time in any aspect of the occult, spirits can read their thoughts.)

Lie 9: Demonic spirits are ugly. (Demons are only ugly whey they wish to appear that way, presumably for the purpose of scaring people. The truth is they’re fallen angels. And the angels God created are beautiful.)

Lie 10: Each of us has a guardian angel. (The Bible makes no mention of a guardian angel being assigned to each person. Spirits who play the role of guardian angels are demonic.)

Lie 11: If we don’t believe in or acknowledge the presence or existence of demonic spirits, spirits cannot harass us. (There’s nothing Satan and his demons like more than having people not believe in their existence. This gives them free reign to harass in any way they choose, without running the risk of being cast away in Jesus’ name.)

Lie 12: Animals can see demonic spirits. (Animals can see spirits only when the spirits wish to be seen. Often when they show themselves to pets, they don’t allow the pets’ owners to see them.)


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Spiritual Curses


For those of you who have ever wondered if a curse has been put against you…Those who seem to have nothing but bad luck…Those for whom nothing ever seems to go right…Those who have cravings for sweets that never seem to go away…Those who have relationship problems no matter how many self-help books you read or how understanding and cooperative you try to be…It may not be just be your imagination.

Even if you’ve never been involved in the occult — Even if you’ve been a Christian your entire life — If there’s someone out there who doesn’t like you; someone who has spirits in his or her life that know about the ill feelings this person has toward you, it’s possible that you’re the victim of spiritual curses.

Spiritual curses are curses that demonic spirits put against us. That’s right. Demonic spirits themselves can put curses, spells, hexes, and other occult decrees against us. And these curses work, regardless of whether or not we’re aware of them or their origin.

We live in Satan’s realm. That’s how his demons can get away with this. Satan and his army of demons are the angels who were kicked out of Heaven down to the earth for rebelling against God.  Under Satan’s orders, they wreak as much havoc on this earth and in our lives as they possibly can, without having to worry about paying for their evil deeds until the end of the world.

Take, for instance, this example: Fred is doing well financially. He has a nice home, an expensive car, and a very good job. Fred also has an ex-girlfriend who literally (to coin a gross expression) hates his guts. The spirits in Sheri’s life know this. They also know that Sheri would never go so far as to put a curse on Fred herself. So they decide to do it for her.

Suddenly Fred’s car breaks down, and the repair costs over a thousand dollars. A dish towel left too close to the stove catches fire, and smoke damage wrecks the kitchen.  As if those things weren’t enough, Fred’s wisdom tooth becomes infected. Fred has to take a couple days off work. When he returns, he learns that the firm has decided to downsize and his job is in jepeardy. Is this nothing more than a run of bad luck? Or could it be that his ex-girlfriend’s vindictiveness has (without her knowledge) come home to roost?

Believe it or not, this type of thing happens.

But the good news is that spirit curses can be broken in Jesus’ name, the same as any others. My book What Demonic Spirits Don’t Want You to Know tells you how to do it.


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Sarah’s Story: Little Girl Sold to Satan

September Cover for Sarah's Story Book One

“Sarah’s Story: Little Girl Sold to Satan” by Sarah Brown and Stacie Spielman is now available in Kindle format through Amazon. Below is the Prologue:

by Stacie Spielman

Sarah was born in Barbados out of wedlock. Because Martha already had one child, and having two would hinder her chances of finding a suitable husband, her mother gave her a witchcraft potion to drink, in hopes it would cause an abortion.

When the potion failed to achieve the desired results, Martha’s parents urged her to give the baby to a suitable couple to raise. Martha’s sister Geraldine and her husband George agreed to take the baby.

Had Sarah been raised by Martha, her life would have been different. You see, George was a voodoo priest and an obeah man, and his wife was a voodoo priestess. Unbeknownst to Martha, George’s purpose in taking the baby was to use it as a scapegoat when doing his witchcraft curses, and his obeah spells and hexes.

Geraldine raised 11 children; but since this is Sarah’s story, only the children who played an integral role will be mentioned.

Despite the fact that people in Barbados know how to speak what Sarah refers to as the Queen’s English, when they’re in an informal setting, they typically speak the Bajan dialect which, for people who are unfamiliar with it, can be difficult to read. This dialect has no official rules for spelling. While not phonetic, people typically write this dialect as it sounds to them. For this reason, a Glossary will be included at the end of this book, and explanations of certain Bajan words will be inserted throughout the text.

This is the story of Sarah’s life. Raised in a household heavily into Obeah and black magick, Sarah was not treated like the other children. Not that the other children were treated well, but Sarah’s life was one of repeated abuse, rape, torture, and Satanic rituals. The fact that she even survived is a miracle, but somehow she did.
Though both of them passed away decades ago, it is almost certain that both George and Geraldine were possessed. Even after their death, spirits with their remains continued to torment Sarah.

At age 64, Sarah contacted me after she had been attacked by curses put on her by a group of Satanists. We’ve been working together through Skype ever since, trying to sort through the labyrinth of events that made her life a living hell.

Comments from Readers of Sarah’s Story

Comment from Chet in Sacramento:  Sarah’s Story isn’t the type of book I normally read. But I know Sarah, and she asked me to read her story.  I have read books in the past about the occult, as well as watching occult movies, but after reading this book (Sarah’s true story), the rest seem like fiction in comparison.

If anyone who’s thinking of reading Sarah’s Story is into white witchcraft, casting love spells, or otherwise dabbling in matters of the paranormal, and you think all this is harmless, think again. The spirits who are active in Sarah’s Story are no different than the ones you’re dealing with. This book will open your eyes to the dark side of what you’re into.

Chet, friend of Sarah

Comment from Ophelia in Texas 

In all my years of being a Christian counselor, I’ve never before now run across a book that unlocks the darkness that is in the heart of some West Indians. I am from the Islands myself, and this book brings the secrets of the occult out into the open. There is a great need to bring an end to Satan worship and the abuse of innocent precious children for Satan’s amusement.

Reading this book is like a thriller and it has the emotions that make a reader want to know more. I’m glad that part two will soon be out also. This book deserves to be read by all. My hope is that West Indians read it too.

Dr. Ophelia Phillip-Allleyne
Licensed Christian Counselor

Comment from reader in Germany

I cried for little Sarah in the cave; I cried for the abuse and torment she suffered.

The first two or three pages were a little difficult because of the Barbadian (Bajan) dialect that was included, but after I got into the book I couldn’t put it down. This is a book that I will keep and recommend to my family and friends. This book should be read by all peoples of all cultures around the world.

This is a true story so I hope that Sarah has found some peace and happiness at last.

Anita from Germany

Comment from reader in St. Lucia

Growing up in St. Lucia, I was of the impression that witchcraft or obeah as it is known in the Caribbean existed mainly in the French Islands or the islands with a French Influence. So I was a little taken aback that obeah existed to such an extent in Barbados, which has always been English speaking.

I have heard some stories in St. Lucia in which children were captured & their sexual organs were sacrificed to the devil. According to the story tellers these things happened when sugar was manufactured in St. Lucia. Somehow the devil was involved in running the sugar mills, and the sexual organs especially of little boys, were his payments for running the mills. During the sugar cane harvesting period, parents in our neighborhood, would ensure that their sons were inside their homes before dark, lest they be taken for the devil.

But Sarah’s story is beyond any I have heard, as the child being abused usually dies. To think that Sarah survived all the physical abuse is good, but also heart rending, especially as both parents were involved. No doubt her fainting spells helped to save her. I have also heard stories in which fathers rape their daughters or men rape female babies to obtain virgin blood for their demonic powers.

There are parts of Sarah’s story that I can identify with & I thank you for writing this book. I am sure it will be an eye opener for other people as it was for me. Now I can hardly wait for Part 2 when Sarah is delivered.

Reader from St. Lucia


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Life in a Haunted House


I have just completed my latest book: Come Eddy Cut — Life in a Haunted House. This e-book is a fictionalized story of a family that moved to Hartford, Connecticut, only to discover that their new home was haunted by a mother and her two children who had died in a fire in the early 1920’s. The harassments this family experienced are drawn from the experiences of harassment victims I’ve worked with from around the world. Names ad descriptions have been changed to protect the privacy of the former harassment victims.

Below is an excerpt from Come Eddy Cut:

Excerpt from Come Eddy Cut:

“The next morning after driving Cara to preschool, Ginger returned home and went straight to the attic. The double paned windows were closed and locked. From the side window, she could see into the attic next door. But she couldn’t hear a sound from outside, not even the distant sound of traffic. At the memory of the child’s cry, a chill tripped its way up Ginger’s spine and lingered at the roots of her hair.

An eerie feeling settled over her, forcing her gaze to turn in the direction of the trunk she had noticed the first time she came to the attic. Perhaps there was something in the trunk that would offer some insight into what was going on.

Heart in her throat, Ginger crossed to the center of the attic and knelt beside the trunk. The lid was closed, but a tug on the handle caused the lid to spring open. Released from its confines, a musty odor arose from the trunk and seemed to fill the attic.

Wrinkling her nose, Ginger reached for a rectangular object wrapped in crimson silk and tied with a black ribbon. The object was thin and flat – about the dimensions of a Monopoly board, but thicker. Curious, Ginger tugged on the ribbon to untie the black bow. The crimson silk fell away to reveal what appeared to be a home-made wooden Ouija Board. The board had no planchette, but a long thin box beside where the board had lain contained a gold-plated chain with a small gold amulet attached to one end. As Ginger picked up the chain, she felt an electrical charge run through her hand and up the length of her arm, causing her to gasp and drop the pendulum.

Frightened now, Ginger tossed the board and pendulum back into the trunk and slammed the lid closed. As she stood to leave, she could have sworn she heard a groan! End of Excerpt

Come Eddy Cut is now available through my website in pdf format: http://www.staciespielman.com and will soon be available in other formats through Amazon and Smashwords.

Come Eddy Cut – Life in a Haunted House – is the first in a series of e-books I plan to write about people who have either wittingly or unwittingly invited demonic spirits into their lives, and are now at their wit’s end as to what must be done to cast the spirits out. At the end of this e-book (and all the other books in the series), I am including a list of the harassments this family experienced (in case the reader missed some of them), plus a copy of my Open Doors list of over 80 things that open the door for demonic spirits to come into our lives.

The next book in the series (which I’m already working on) will be entitled “The Psychic.”

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Interview With Daniel Ott of “The Edge”

DanOttIf you watched Saturday night’s broadcast (Aug. 11) of The Edge with Daniel Ott, and then listened to the recording at a later time, you may have noticed that the story of how and why I got in touch with my so-called guardian angel appears to have somehow disappeared.

I wasn’t able to listen to the recording myself because I live at the edge of the area serviced by DSL, and my internet connection was too weak. Therefore, the recording kept shutting down. But I heard from two friends who had listened to the original broadcast. Each said that the story was in the original broadcast, but did not appear to be in the recording. So I’m going to include the information here that appears to have somehow been deleted:

Fortune TellerI was out of work, and had no idea when or where I’d be able to find a job. So I went to a psychic in hopes that she could help. But the psychic didn’t want to talk about employment. She wanted to talk about my son. She said my son (who was twelve years old at the time) was very angry, and that he was having a problem with some bullies at school. She “saw” that there was going to be a fight in which someone could lose an eye. According to the psychic, my “spirit guides” were telling her this because I had shut them out, and they were unable to get through to me.

My son was the light of my life. I would have done almost anything to protect him — even if it meant talking to a spirit. But first I needed to call Kevin and ask him what was going on. (For his high school years, Kevin was living with his Dad in the house next door.) I placed the call as soon as I got home, and told Kevin what the psychic had said. He told me the bullies were no longer a problem, and that the “fight” the psychic had predicted had already taken place; only it wasn’t a fight. It was a dangerous “game” in which he and another boy had been jabbing at each other’s faces with ball point pens. The game had stopped when they realized the danger.

Suspecting that my son hadn’t told me the whole story about the bullies, I followed the psychic’s advice to surround myself with a protective white light, then fashioned a pendulum and alphabet arc and invited any spirit of light in the room who wanted to talk to me about my son to swing the pendulum over the letters to spell out its message. (The psychic had said a spirit of darkness can’t claim to be of the light.)

GideonImmediately the pendulum began to swing. “My name is Gideon. I’m of the light. I am your Guardian Angel.” This was the beginning of my seven-year involvement with spirit guides who swore they were of   pagan jewelry2God, but who eventually revealed their true identity as demons. During the years I was with the guides, I loved them like members of my own family, and the love I felt from them in return was greater than any I had ever felt from a human. But their love was false. In reality, they hated me and wanted nothing more than to destroy me and/or create a permanent wedge between me and God.

This is the only segment I’m aware of that was somehow removed or edited out of the recording. But there were a few other points I wanted to make, and was unable to, either because Dan didn’t ask the question or because he cut my answer short or otherwise interrupted me. (Despite Dan’s frequent interruptions, in the interest of fairness, some of the interruptions were the result of Skype shutting down.)  Following are the points that were made, along with the additional points I wanted to make, but was unable to. I’m not including these things to scare you. I include them merely as a warning, and to make you aware of things in your own life that may have opened the door to demonic harassment. I figure that by leveling the playing field and making people aware, a lot of potential problems can be avoided:

1. Demonic Spirits are the Fallen Angels spoken of in the book of Revelation.

2. There are hundreds of things that can open the door for these fallen angels (demonic spirits) to come into our lives. Yet even if we’ve done nothing to open the door, spirits from our ancestry are passed down to the third, and even the fourth generation.

3. Demonic Spirits, once in our lives, can be cast away through God in Jesus’ name. But once we’ve apologized to God and asked for His forgiveness, we can’t continue to do what originally opened the door for spirits (demons, fallen angels) to come in. If we do, the spirits who were cast away will have the right to return and bring their friends — up to seven times as many as before.

4. Demonic spirits do not work alone. They work in groups — often very large groups that are multiples of the spirit number 3. Often these groups are Legion, comprised of 4500 to 6000 demons. Equally often, they are Military Systems. (Remember, this is war.)

5. Despite the fact that demonic spirits sometimes give their victims the illusion of being sodomized or raped, this is merely an elaborate illusion.

FallenAngelOnBlack6. Fallen angels (demonic spirits) have no sperm, and therefore cannot impregnate a woman.  A spirit once spoke through its victim’s mouth to say that the “rape” its victim had suffered was merely an illusion, and that the woman could not get pregnant because demons have no sperm. I tested the spirit to see if it was lying. It appeared to be telling the truth. Thus, with regard to Nephilim, these “giants of the land” could not have been the offspring of angels who mated with women.

Genesis 6:2 “When men began to increase in number on the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.” Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”

The term “sons of God” in these verses refers to men, not angels. In fact, the Bible gives several references in which men are called “sons of God.”

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called ‘sons of God.'”
Romans 8:14 “Those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God.”
Romans 9:26 “It will happen in that very place where it was said to them ‘You are not my people,’ “(referring to the Gentiles) “they will be called “sons of the living God.”
Galatians 3:26 “You are all sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Thus, the Nephelim were not the offspring of women who had mated with fallen angels, but rather of men and women (the descendants of Seth who procreated with descendants of Cain).

If you desire further proof,  Matthew 22:30 even tells what will happen at the time of resurrection: At the resurrection, people will neither marry nor be given in marriage. They will be like the angels in Heaven. (Since angels in Heaven do not marry, Genesis 6:2 could not have been referring to angels.)

7. Christians can be harassed by demonic spirits the same as anyone else, if they “open a door” for spirits to come into their life, if they’ve ever been abused, and/or have ancestral or generational spirits passed down from ancestors who were spiritists, abusers, members of a cult, or who were into voodoo or witchcraft.

8. The fact that a person has spirits who harass him does not mean that person is possessed. And the fact that a person may have spirits of possession does not mean they’re possessive of his body and mind. Individual organs, glands, or other body parts can be possessed as well.

9. The ways in which spirits harass their victims are limited only by the imagination of the spirits. They might affect their victim’s health, cause appliances or computers to break down, drain their victim’s finances, harass their victim sexually, attempt to spoil his relationships,  chatter in his or her head, affect his or her memory, cause their victims to be isolated, cause accidents, or affect their victims in any of hundreds of additional ways.

10. In cases such as a serial killer, flasher, or other sexual deviate, there are normally spirit personalities and facades involved. This means one or more groups of spirits have taken control of some aspect of their victim’s personality and are causing this person to act in a way that he or she would not normally act. The same can be true of an unruly child or an abusive or irresponsible adult.

11. In the spirit realm, past, present and future all exist simultaneously. Since psychics receive their information from the spirit realm, they are able to see into the person’s past, present and future.

12. The word “occult” means “hidden.”  In order to avoid detection and avoid being cast away, demonic spirits hide in a myriad of ways. They might hide by linking to a spouse or other family member, by linking to their victim’s belongings,  to a pet, or by linking to a driver’s license or other form of identification. (The link is spiritual, as opposed to physical.) They also hide by linking to every name their victim has ever been known by. Thus, when casting spirits away, all names (including nicknames) must be addressed. Otherwise, spirits will leave under one name, but others from the group will remain hidden until the remaining names are addressed. For Example, if Mrs. Jones’ first name is Sally, and her husband calls her Honey, she would have spirits under the names Mrs. Jones, Sally, and Honey. In addition, if her children call her Mom and her parents called her Carrot Top when she was a child, she will also have spirits under each of these names.

NebulaBlue3Some spirits claim to be hiding in Orion or Cassiopeia, in a distant  nebula, underground, or behind a waterfall. But this doesn’t mean they are actually  there. In the spirit realm, to say something is to make it so.  It’s like  playing a game of hide and seek where the players each choose a hiding place;  but instead of actually hiding there, they say to themselves “I’m hiding behind  that Oleander bush,” or “I’m hiding in the trunk of the car.” The person who’s  “It” has to discern where each of the players is hiding.

13. Word Curses work because demonic spirits make them work. But word curses can be broken in Jesus’ name, the same as any other curse. An example of a word curse that tragically came true was the one Elvis Presley put on himself by frequently saying he would die at age 42, the same age as his mother had been at the time of her death. True to the word curse, Elvis died at forty-two. In another example, Mark Twain was born in the year that Haley’s comet appeared. He put a word curse on himself by saying when the comet returned, he would die. Many years later, the comet returned. Twain died a couple of days later.

14. Demonic spirits are like germs in that they can transfer to any person, animal, or inanimate object they come in contact with, without their victim’s knowledge. This is another of the ways they hide.

cemetery15. Talking to the dead is forbidden in the Bible. The Bible calls it Necromancy. I’ve worked with people from around the world and from various religions who’ve talked to the dead — praying to dead relatives for advice or protection, talking to dead loved ones at graveside, talking to the ashes in an urn, or saying good-by to a deceased loved one when viewing a body in the funeral parlor. In every case, there’ve been demonic spirits in their life as a result. (Demons will use any excuse to come into a person’s life.)

16. The original gift of tongues was for the purpose of spreading the word about Christ. These original tongues were actual languages.  Modern day tongues are not of God, and they are not a language the tongues speaker understands. The spirit group that speaks through people today in tongues are demonic. In every case of tongues speaking I’ve been called upon to address, the false holy spirit has manifested as having cursed God, Jesus, and the real Holy Spirit through the mouth of the tongues speaker without his or her knowledge. In the case of two tongues speakers I worked with, they actually saw the false holy spirit come out of their chest and float across the room.

17. When Dan asked about Homosexuality and I told him some of my friends are homosexual, he asked if I try casting demons out of them. I told him I don’t judge. He then took issue with the verse “Judge not that ye be not judged,” and asked about a Bible text that he said came right after it in the Bible. He was wrong about the location of the text, but I think the one he was referring to was one that tells Christians to judge their brothers righteously — meaning discernment. If we know a friend is doing something that could get him into trouble, we’re supposed to warn him and try to get him to stop. If we know a person is a shop lifter, we’re expected to  judge that this is not a person we want to go shopping with. It is not, however, our place to attempt to determine whether or not a person will end up in Hell. That judgment belongs to God alone.

MichelleObama18. Dan seemed intent on discerning my political affiliation — though I can’t imagine why. It occurred to me later, after commenting that I think Michelle Obama is a pretty lady, that I should have said Laura Bush is attractive as well.


But Dan hadn’t asked me about Laura Bush. He had only asked about demons with her husband.

19. Though the topic didn’t come up, I would have liked to explain that the reason a lot of black women have so many problems in their life goes back to the curses their African ancestors put on the girl babies when they were born. These curses didn’t affect just the first generation. They were passed on to the third, and even the fourth.

20. Though I started telling a story about an exorcism I did of a woman we’ll call Marsha who was possessed by the spirits of an imaginary friend who looked like he was made of clay, Skype shut down in the middle of what I was saying, and when we were reconnected, Dan went on to another topic without giving me the opportunity to finish. So here, as Paul Harvey would have said, is “the rest of the story:” This woman’s mother had not wanted to raise her, so that responsibility had basically fallen to her sister who was only a child herself. The sister had resented being saddled with this responsibility. As a result, she, her brother, and a couple of friends had given Marsha to Satan.

In the process of refuting the ceremony in which Marsha was given to Satan, and casting the possessive spirits from the imaginary friend out in Jesus’ name, I kept addressing spirits of the Clay Man. Marsha’s husband and I were connected by phone, and he gave me a play by play description as the spirits jerked Marsha’s head from side to side, arched her back, and screamed through her mouth. When he got too close, the spirits controlling Marsha slugged him with such force that the blow knocked him across the room.

Finally a spirit shouted through Marsha’s mouth: “Stop calling us Clay Man. Our name is Fred!” At that point, Marsha remembered that Fred was the name her family had dubbed her imaginary friend. I addressed the remaining spirits as Fred, and they left when told in Jesus’ name to go.

Cinnamon copyWhen the spirits had gone, Marsha’s personality returned to normal. Marsha and her husband wrote to me a year later to say Marsha was still doing fine. But many years after that, the Clay Man and Fred showed up with a teen-aged girl who contacted me to say her teddy bear had started talking to her!!!

I told Shelly to put the bear in a dark trash bag and take it out to the garbage before we began addressing the spirits. She did this while connected to me by phone. The next morning, I received an e-mail saying the teddy bear was back, and very angry over the fact that she had thrown it away. (It told her it had climbed out of the garbage can and returned to her closet where her other stuffed animals were stored.)

The spirits with the teddy bear told Shelly they knew me. When Shelly asked how, they said I knew them as the Clay Man.

When addressed by (1) the Teddy bear’s name, (2) Fred, and (3) Clay Man, the spirits left and Shelly had no further problem. (Note: Shelly was not the only one who heard the teddy bear speak. She called her sister into the room, and the bear spoke to her as well. The stuffed bear, of course, was not doing the talking. It was a demonic spirit talking through the bear in much the same way as a ventriloquist talks through a dummy.)

21. I am often asked how the Holy Spirit can exist in the body of a person who has demonic spirits in his or her life. The answer to this is that internal spirits become external when the Holy Spirit comes into the person’s life, and continue harassing the person from the outside until they are cast away.

22. There’s nothing in the Bible that says a person who is a victim of demonic harassment can’t go to Heaven. If we’ve apologized to God for the wrong things we’ve done, and the occult things we’ve been involved with, and sincerely asked for His forgiveness, God forgives us. If we love God and Jesus and try to live our lives as we know they would want us to do, we don’t have to worry. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life.”

Note: The following is an e-mail I received from a homosexual who has turned his back on homosexuality, and is making good progress, but is still struggling to break free of the demonic harassment his former lifestyle brought into his life. This e-mail was in response to a story I told in the interview about a young man I worked with whose mother had told him that on the day he was born, a ball of white light floated into her hospital room and settled on the windowsill. She believed the white light was an angel. Her son believed it was a demon, and that his demon had been responsible for his having been born gay. He was right.

In addition to altering his sexual preference, the spirits were harassing him in the form of voices in the sound of passing cars, busses, motorcycles — even the sound of lawnmowers. I warned him that casting the demons of the ball of light away would make things difficult for him since this was the only lifestyle he’d ever known, but he was adamant.

At his insistence, against my better judgment, I accepted his word that he would seek counseling if needed, and cast the spirits away in Jesus’ name. For three months, Tim attempted to live a straight lifestyle. But the last time I heard from him, he said he couldn’t make the adjustment. He had returned to his former lifestyle, and the voices were back. Only now, instead of hearing the voices in passing engines, the voices had moved into his apartment.

Dear Stacie,

The blog post really is superb. I could mention all the things I like about it, but you already know it’s good. But about Mr. Ott, well that is quite a subject for discussion. He seemed to be obsessed with three things: politics, abortion, and homosexuality. About the first two items, I don’t think I have anything to add. But about that last one, maybe I have a few ideas.

After he brought up the subject, you told the story about the young man who called you and told you about his mother with the ball of white light, making the point that it appeared to be a demon who caused his homosexuality while he was in the womb. I thought that was a good start. I think it might be helpful to add some details about how the demons appear to accomplish this: First, Estrogen Dominance. It appears they manipulate the “hormonal bath” a fetus has while developing. And who knows what other hormones may be involved as well. Perhaps a testosterone deficiency is implied by estrogen dominance. Many things hormonally may be tampered with. Second, it recently came to my attention that the hypothalamus is involved with sexuality as well. Here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article on the Hypothalamus:

Swaab first reported on the relationship between sexual orientation in males and the hypothalamus’s “clock”, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). In 1990, Swaab and Hofman[20] reported that the suprachiasmatic nucleus in homosexual men was significantly larger than in heterosexual men. Then in 1995, Swaab et al.[21] linked brain development to sexual orientation by treating male rats both pre- and postnatally with ATD, an aromatase blocker in the brain. This produced an enlarged SCN and bisexual behavior in the adult male rats. In 1991, LeVay showed that part of the sexually dimorphic nucleus (SDN) known as the 3rd interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH 3), is nearly twice as large in heterosexual men than in homosexual men and heterosexual women, in terms of volume.

In other words, a great deal of brain manipulation appears to go into making someone homosexual. However, I would still like to hope that if only we knew how, it could be reversed. But I don’t think we’ve reached that state of knowledge yet.

Most likely there are other causes that we don’t know about. But I don’t mean to say that this excuses homosexual behavior, it just helps to explain why people do the inexplicable. Even though this terrible harassment has been caused by demons, like any other bad urge, it needs to be resisted. My own opinion is that it helps to resist it if you know that it is caused by demons rather than by God or Nature. And if you know that it causes you to acquire more spirits and ever-greater harassment.

(Name withheld for purpose of privacy)

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Articles for Kindle

I have recently begun writing articles for the Kindle. The following Articles are now available in Kindle format for $.99 each through the Kindle store on Amazon.


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From Sprite to Strawberry Daiquiri

From common Sprite to #strawberrydaiquiri


Excerpt from Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel

Following is an excerpt from Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. In this excerpt, a spirit guide turns an ordinary Sprite into a strawberry daiquiri:

When Eve arrived, Carla was still at work, so Eve used her key to get in.  She was watching a movie on HBO when Carla arrived home.

“I didn’t expect to find you here.  I didn’t think you were coming this week, since it’s not a weekend.”  Carla’s shoulders were drooping, and there were circles under her eyes.

“I came to tell you what I learned today,” Eve said.  “But that can wait.  You look like you had a hard day at work.  Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine,” Carla groaned.  “I could just use a stiff drink.”

“This is Saul, and I’m of the light.  Ask her if she wants me to mix her one.”

Now what was Saul up to?  When Eve relayed the suggestion, Carla shrugged.  “Sure.  Why not?”

“Tell her to go get a can of Sprite.”  Sprite, as Saul knew, was Carla’s soft drink of choice.  “Just wait, Eve.  You’re going to enjoy this.”

Heading for the refrigerator, Carla scoffed.  “I was talking about an alcoholic drink.  Not a can of Sprite!”

When Carla returned with the soft drink, Saul told Eve to pop the top and put her hand over the can.  When she did, Eve felt the carbonated soft drink popping beneath her palm, followed by a wave of energy that made her hand and arm tingle from her fingertips to her elbow.

“Ask what kind of mixed drink she wants.”

Intrigued by the request, Eve relayed it to Carla.

“Strawberry daiquiris are my favorite,” Carla said with a teasing grin.  “But unless I make a trip to the liquor store, I’m afraid he can’t do much about that.”

“Don’t be too sure,” Saul said through Eve.  “One strawberry daiquiri coming up.”  The soft drink began to pop once more beneath Eve’s palm, and a renewed flash of energy rushed through her hand.  “Ask her to taste this, and see what she thinks.”

Handing the can to Carla, Eve told her to taste it and let Saul know what she thought of it.  Carla raised it to her lips with a skeptical grin, and took a sniff.  When she did, her eyes widened in awe.  “Eve!  You’ve gotta smell this!”

Eve took the can from Carla’s hand, having no idea what to expect.  When she raised it to her nose, she gasped.  The Sprite in the can had apparently been transformed.  Wafting from the can now was the mouth-watering aroma of freshly cut strawberries!  “Taste it,” Eve whispered.

With a look of wonder, Carla took a tiny sip – and then another.  A smile of delight spread across her face.  “This is perfect!” she cried.  “It’s delicious!  In fact, I’d say it’s more than delicious.  This is the best strawberry daiquiri I’ve ever had!”

“You’re kidding,” Eve said.  “You mean it actually tastes like alcohol?”

“If you don’t believe me, taste it for yourself.”  Carla had already downed half the daiquiri, and was grinning from one ear to the other.  “Ask Saul to mix me a screw driver.  But wait – ” Rather than waste a perfectly good daiquiri, Carla finished it off, then crushed the can.  “Let me get another Sprite…”

The screwdriver Saul mixed was a little weak for Carla’s taste, so he beefed up the strength and nearly knocked her on her ear.  “Whew!” she exclaimed.  “Another one of these, and I’ll end up with a hang-over!”

Eve felt like a magician’s assistant in a Las Vegas show.  Next to her fist popping open, what she was witnessing here was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen…

My true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel is available free in pdf format through my website at http://staciespielman.com, or for sale through Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble for the Kindle, the Nook, and other e-book formats.

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Reincarnation: Fact? Or Fiction?


If you’ve read my true story “Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel,” you know that a demonic spirit claimed to be my guardian angel. He told a fantastic story of our having been married in a prior life, and of my son in my current life having been ours in the past — painting a vivid picture of the farm where we’d lived, and the details of our life together back in the 1800’s.

When asked why, if this was true, my son Kevin and I were still here on earth while he was a Guardian Angel, Gideon replied that he had gone through many reincarnations and had finally arrived at the point where he chose to stay in Heaven and work his way through the ranks to the position of Guardian Angel.  God had supposedly given special permission for him to be assigned to me.

It didn’t take long for me to form an attachment that over time grew into a deep love for Gideon and the spirit guides he introduced me to.  Gideon often spoke nostalgically of things from our “past,” and how devastated we’d both been when our son Mattie (Kevin in his prior lifetime) fell into a grain bin and suffocated.  Horrified, I wept over the memories I’d apparently suppressed of my former life.

The charade lasted for seven years. Then came the night that, totally without warning, Gideon and my other guides revealed their true identities — not as the spirits of light they’d claimed to be, but as demonic spirits (fallen angels). Gideon called me a filthy name that shocked me to the core, then told me how he’d laughed at my stupidity for believing his lies about reincarnation and the protective power of crystals and white light.

Devastated, I returned to the Christian beliefs of my childhood. But it took months for me to recover.

I know now that I was blinded to the things that should have not only raised red flags of warning, but should have jarred me into seeing the truth: (1.) The Bible says nothing about assigning personal one-on-one guardian angels to humans. (2.) The Bible makes it clear what happens when we die, and it has nothing to do with reincarnation: Eccl: 9:5-6  “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.  Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.”

And (3.) If reincarnation were permitted, there would have been no need for Jesus to be sacrificed to atone for our sins. If reincarnation truly existed, it would mean that Jesus died for nothing.

Incidentally, the same group of demons who played the role of my Guardian Angel, unbeknownst to me for over a decade, put curses against various aspects of my health and finances. (On more than one occasion, they have manifested for trying to kill me.) And my short-lived belief in reincarnation opened the door for even more demonic spirits to come into my life.

The curses have proven true of every harassment victim I’ve worked with from around the world who has believed in reincarnation (New Agers) and/or been involved with spirits who claim to be guides or guardian angels.

Note: If you want to read more of my story, “Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel” is available as a free pdf download from my website at http://staciespielman.com  or may be purchased through Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble for the Kindle and other readers.


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