Warning! Spirit Guides Can Be Hazardous to Your Health


The images above are paintings of my so-called guardian angel and healing guide as they described themselves to me.

My introduction to spirit guides came in 1987 when a psychic told me my son’s life was in danger and my spirit guides were trying to warn me. I had been raised in a Christian home, but had fallen away from Christian beliefs in college to temporarily become an Agnostic. Thus the idea of spirit guides did not conflict with my religious convictions.

“Your guides are too strong for me,” the psychic said. “You have to find a way for them to communicate directly with you. They’re telling me you’ve closed them out.”

A memory of unbidden thoughts from weeks ago crept into the recesses of my mind. “We’ve been trying to reach you,” a chorus of foreign voices had said. “Why do you close us out?”

Frightened, I had stifled the thought — or whatever it was — only to have it return again and again. Eventually the telepathic chorus had stopped speaking to me directly. Now they appeared to be speaking through the psychic, and they were giving her a migraine!

“Remember,” the psychic warned. “If you decide to make contact with a spirit guide, surround yourself first with a protective white light, then make sure he identifies himself as being of the light. A spirit can’t claim to be of the light if he isn’t.”

Anyone reading this who has children of his/her own will understand the panic that seized my heart at the warning that my son’s life was in danger. Kevin was the most important thing in my life.  I would have done anything short of murder to protect him — even if that meant talking to a spirit, and having that spirit talk back to me.

That day when I went home, I fashioned a pendulum from a gold chain and pearl drop ear ring, and an alphabet arc similar to the one found on a Ouija Board.  Imagining myself surrounded by a white light of protection,, I held the pendulum suspended above the arc, and spoke into the air. “If there’s a spirit of light here who wants to talk to me about my son, this is your chance. If you’ll swing this pendulum over the letters to spell out your message, we’ll be able to communicate.”

Immediately the pendulum began to swing, and I wasn’t the one swinging it! “My name is Gideon,” the pendulum spelled out. “I’m of the light. I am your guardian angel.”

Wow! Blown away, I dropped the pendulum. It was an hour or more before I could work up the nerve to pick it up again. When I did, the pendulum again began to swing. “What is this?” the pendulum spelled out. “I try to contact you for 43 years, and when I finally get through, you put me on hold?” My guardian angel had actually cracked a joke!

Over the course of the next several months, Gideon and I became well acquainted. Eventually we did away with the pendulum, and I learned to talk with him telepathically. Gideon was a wonderful companion. He was wise; he was funny; he was overly protective… At times he was even romantic! He told me we’d been married in a prior life, and my son in this life was the reincarnation of the son we once had together. Gideon eventually introduced me to another spirit who was to become my healing guide. Saul trained me in hands-on healing. From him, I learned the art of psychic diagnostics and pulling pain out of people’s bodies in the form of negative energy. The power that I’d been given was nothing short of amazing.

My husband recalls the time he called me on the phone to say he had a migraine. I asked if he wanted me to zap it. When he said he did, I concentrated on sending the healing energy through the telephone wires. Within seconds, his migraine was gone.

Once when he was feeling playful, Saul actually converted an ordinary Sprite into an alcoholic strawberry daiquiri. (I assume now that this was a mockery of Jesus turning water to wine. But I didn’t know that at the time.)  Miracles had become so much a part of my life that I almost took them for granted.

Saul was extremely wise. He was also loving, and had infinite patience. At times, he and Gideon would argue good naturedly about which of them loved me the most. It was Saul who did the demonstration that supposedly came from God. He told me to make a fist and not open it for any reason. This, he said, was my heart as God saw it, closed against Him. Then, one by one, against my will, my fingers and thumb popped open and my hand was laid out flat. “This,” Saul said, “is your heart as God wants it to be: open to a relationship with Him.”

I had never felt more loved in my life. Even God was showing how much he loved me — or so I was told by my guides at that time.

What you’ve heard so far was the up side of spirit involvement. Now for the downside:

During the time I was involved with the spirit realm, I lost everything of value I’d ever owned, I was the victim of three rear-end traffic collisions, as a result of which I received three whiplashes and three lower back injuries. I was forced to quit a good paying job to work in a convalescent hospital for minimum wage, and I was isolated from family members and from friends who did not support communing with spirits. All these things, my guides told me, were either done out of love for my protection, or were caused by dark spirits who didn’t want me to succeed.

Be that as it may, I loved my guides like I love my own family. I would have stayed with them forever, if not for the fact that they eventually turned against me and revealed themselves — not as the spirits of light they’d claimed to be, but as the demons they truly were.

Gideon, who had expressed his undying love for me, now called me a stupid b-tch and went on to say, “I’d like to f-ck your slippery littl c-nt.”  As if that devastating statement weren’t enough, he sneered that he and the others had  laughed at me for believing  the B.S. they had handed out about reincarnation, white light, and the rest of their psychic babble. I was crushed.

In the silence that followed, I felt as if my family had died and taken with them my reason for existence.

Along with Gideon’s betrayal, I lost the healing power that I’d come to believe was the one thing in life that made me special. I will never forget Saul’s last words to me: Saul didn’t swear or shout, and he didn’t put me down. Instead, he spoke softly, with a tremor in his voice. “Sweetheart, we weren’t supposed to love anyone. But the fact is I do love you. That’s why I’m going to say this, and I’m only going to say it once. Don’t ever go to a psychic again. Stay away from the psychic realm and everything in it. And don’t ever talk to a spirit again — not even me — unless you want to end up in Hell with the rest of us.”

But lest you think Saul truly loved me (as he had claimed in his parting words), during the next ten years I suffered several injury-related accidents, two bouts with Pneumonia, and one with Asthma — all spirit induced. When the spirits involved were addressed, it was revealed that members of the Saul group were among them.

Breaking free of the spirits was not easy. On Halloween night sixteen years ago, my husband and I disposed of everything that had been linked to our relationship with the spirits and the rituals they’d required us to perform. We saved the energized crystals till last. And those, we took to a nearby bridge, where we dumped them into the rocks below. Due to the fact that my spirit guides had helped me get my job, I made the decision to turn in my notice.  The night before I was to turn it in, Gideon spoke to me a final time. “Don’t quit the job before your three years are up. If you do, something bad is going to happen.”

My husband and I talked it over and decided if I stayed till my third anniversary on the job, something bad might happen to one of us or my employer. We had to break the chain.I turned in my notice the following day, and the day after that I was stricken with Bells Palsy.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bell’s Palsy, it’s a condition in which one side of the face is twisted and paralyzed. Normally, Bell’s twists one side of the face down, as if the victim has suffered a stroke. But the Bell’s Palsy Gideon gave me twisted my face upward in a hideous smile that resembled the face of a demon. 

The Bell’s Palsy lasted six weeks to the day.  Both three and six are spirit numbers.  The fact that Gideon had insisted I stay on the job till my third anniversary, and that the reversed form of Bell’s Palsy lasted for six weeks (demonic spirits often do things in reverse, as well as in multiples of the number three)  was how I knew Gideon was responsible.

And lest you think Saul truly loved me (as his parting words had claimed), during the next ten years I suffered several injury-related accidents, two bouts with Pneumonia, and one with Asthma — all spirit induced. When the spirits involved were addressed, it was revealed that members of the Saul group were among them.

Details of all I’ve told about here and more, are included in my book Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, available through my website at www.staciespielman.com  as a free pdf download..

Note: You may recall from an earlier post that spirits work in groups. Saul and Gideon were no exception.  For more on this topic, visit my webpage at http://www.staciespielman.com/SpiritGuides.htm

About Stacie Spielman

Hi. I'm Stacie Spielman, author of the true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. If you're familiar with my website at staciespielman.com, you already know that for years after putting Betrayed on my website as a free download, I had a personal phone and Skype ministry working with victims of demonic harassment to help them break free of the demons in their lives. The articles on this site are based on personal experience and on the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world. For more information, visit my website at http://www.staciespielman.com. Note: I no longer work with harassment victims one on one. Instead, I've returned to my former love: writing Romances. To date, my romances include Braddigan's Folly, The Contract, Cute and Sassy, Burgers and Caviar, and my current project The Bagel Tree.
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    • The Bible says nothing of spirit guides. It does tell of war in Heaven, and of Satan and the angels who were loyal to him being cast out of Heaven down to the earth. These fallen angels are the ones who play the role of spirit guides, and although they sometimes give good advice and do things that seem to be loving, their eventual goal is to separate us from God.

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