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Ouija Board: Subconscious communication? Or Contact With Demonic Spirits?

My first contact with demonic spirits came through the use of a Ouija Board. I foolishly thought I was communicating with my subconscious. I was wrong.

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Voices of Schizophrenia

In my work with victims of demonic harassment, I’ve had occasion to work with seven harassment victims who had previously been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and placed on medication. All had been previously hospitalized in the psychiatric ward, and then released.

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The Truth About Angels

If only real life were like the movies, and our loved ones who’ve died could warch over us, and possibly visit us in dreams to help in times of trouble…If only it were true that after we die, assuming we’ve lived a good life here on earth, we automatically go to Heaven and become angels when we get there… Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Unfortunately, none of these things are true.
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