Twelve Truths and Twelve Lies About the Spirit Realm

Truths and Lies about Demonic Spirits

There are many truths, and many lies that abound with regard to the spirit realm. Following are twelve truths and twelve lies regarding the spirit realm and demonic spirits.

Truth 1: Demonic spirits are the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation. As such, they have supernatural powers.

Truth 2: Demonic spirits do not work alone. They typically work in groups that are multiples of three.

Truth 3: The spirits who haunt houses, pretending to be ghosts, are in reality demonic spirits. Spirits of the dead do not hang around, and they do not have the power or ability to return to earth. (Job 7: 9-10 “As the cloud disappears and vanishes away, so he who goes down to the grave does not come up. He shall never return to his house. Nor shall his place know him anymore.”)

Truth 3: Even when they pretend to be our friends, demonic spirits have our worst interests at heart.

Truth 4: Demonic spirits often hide for years, harassing in subtle undetectible ways, before making their presence known through a severe form of harassment. (By hiding until the “time is ripe” to attack, the spirits hope their victim will be unable to identify when they came, and what brought them into his life.)

Truth 5: Demonic spirits work with various forms of energy to harass their victims.  (Given that our bodies are comprised in a large part of energy, this makes it easy for demonic spirits to affect our health.)

Truth 6: Demonic spirits actually put curses and other occult decrees on their victims.

Truth 7: Demonic spirits know the Bible from begining to end, considering that they were first in Heaven, then here when the Bible was written. (Quoting scripture to them does not enlighten them. It’s merely a waste of time.)

Truth 8: Demonic spirits harass animals as well as humans. Harassment of pets, in turn, is harassment of humans in that humans worry and tend to be stressed when their pets are sick or misbehaving.

Truth 9: Demonic spirits often play the role of alternative personalities, usually with the purpose of splitting families up or causing their victims to break the law such as in the case of a person who has an unexplainable urge to shoplift, or feels the uncontrollable urge to kill.

Truth 10: Demonic spirits do not have to possess a person or be internal in order to harass. (They can harass remotely from another person or location.)

Truth 11: In the case of Familiar Spirits (all of whom are demonic), spirits often play on the sympathies of their victims. (If you’ve read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, you know that one spirit group, representing itself as a single spirit, pretended to be a klutz. Another claimed it wanted to learn about love. A woman who has spirit guides wrote me that she was teaching her guide about the Bible. She felt empathy for it because it seemed so sincere.)

Truth 12: Demonic spirits can see heat patterns in our bodies which let them know exactly where our weak points and areas of inflammation are. Beyond this, they can pinpoint a single meridian, reflex zone, organ, gland, muscle, blood vessel, body system, sense, or type of cell to affect. (For these reasons, adverse health conditions and symptoms of disease are among their specialties.)  Note: This does not mean that every ache, pain, or symptom of disease is related to demonic harassment. Nor does it mean that one shouldn’t consult with his/her doctor when symptoms occur.

Now that you know some of the truths about fallen angels, let’s take a look at some of the lies that are commonly believed today:

Lie 1: Not all demons are evil. (Demons often do good things or act pathetic in an effort to make humans believe they’re good, or at least harmless. But these are often the worst of the bunch, as turned out to be the case with one of the spirit guides in Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel.)

Lie 2: Psychics, witches, witch doctors, shamans and the like can control demonic spirits.  (These people work directly with demons, often commanding the demons to do their will. In response, for a time, demons may do what the person tells him to do in order to make the person feel that he or she is in control. But the time will come when the demon will tire of the game and weild his power to attack the very person he once appeared to obey.)

Lie 3: If a person is harassed by demonic spirits, that means he’s possessed. (On the contrary, most harassment victims are not possessed.  If they do have spirits of possession, it’s normally possession of a part of the body, rather than of the person himself.)

Lie 4:  Salt, garlic, blessed crucifixes, holy water, a Bible, pictures of Jesus and Mary,  crystals, sage, and dream catchers frighten and/or ward off evil spirits. (The truth is that using any of these things for protection invites more demons into the person’s life.)

Lie 5: Curses don’t work unless their victim is aware of them. (People often put word curses on themselves without realizing it. People who are into the occult and don’t like us can put curses on us without our knowledge. Demonic spirits put these curses into effect.
And finally, demonic spirits themselves often put curses and other occult decrees against their victims without their victims’ knowledge. When spirits put curses against us, they themselves make sure the curses work.)

Lie 6: Christians can’t be harassed by demonic spirits.  Virtually everyone has ancestral and generational spirits, regardless of whether he’s ever done anything to open the door for spirits to harass. In addition, there are spirits who harass even when they have no legal right.

Lie 7: Demonic spirits smell like sulphur. (Demons smell like sulphur only when they want to. Normally, they have no odor at all.)

Lie 8: Demonic spirits cannot read our minds. (When a person has been involved at any time in any aspect of the occult, spirits can read their thoughts.)

Lie 9: Demonic spirits are ugly. (Demons are only ugly whey they wish to appear that way, presumably for the purpose of scaring people. The truth is they’re fallen angels. And the angels God created are beautiful.)

Lie 10: Each of us has a guardian angel. (The Bible makes no mention of a guardian angel being assigned to each person. Spirits who play the role of guardian angels are demonic.)

Lie 11: If we don’t believe in or acknowledge the presence or existence of demonic spirits, spirits cannot harass us. (There’s nothing Satan and his demons like more than having people not believe in their existence. This gives them free reign to harass in any way they choose, without running the risk of being cast away in Jesus’ name.)

Lie 12: Animals can see demonic spirits. (Animals can see spirits only when the spirits wish to be seen. Often when they show themselves to pets, they don’t allow the pets’ owners to see them.)


About Stacie Spielman

Hi. I'm Stacie Spielman, author of the true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. If you're familiar with my website at, you already know that for years after putting Betrayed on my website as a free download, I had a personal phone and Skype ministry working with victims of demonic harassment to help them break free of the demons in their lives. The articles on this site are based on personal experience and on the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world. For more information, visit my website at Note: I no longer work with harassment victims one on one. Instead, I've returned to my former love: writing Romances. To date, my romances include Braddigan's Folly, The Contract, Cute and Sassy, Burgers and Caviar, and my current project The Bagel Tree.
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16 Responses to Twelve Truths and Twelve Lies About the Spirit Realm

  1. alphaeridani says:

    Hello, my single purpose for speaking to you is to discuss satanic harrassment brought about by standing up to multiple suicides that have been reveal thorough torment by the state. With Jesus help I hope you have courage to speak to me.

  2. Truth says:

    I know that many ppl do have angels who protect them that are not fallen angels. I have the gift of discernment and have smelled demons smell like sulfur and other bad odors. It’s a pungent smell. Quoting certain scriptures do make demons flee. Especially when you are in right standing with God. Some flee if certain worship music is played. Do you have knowledge of those who practice transporting thier spirit (while alive) through witchcraft and how to block it? Thanks for your feedback

    • Most people who are helped by holy angels are unaware of it. Being able to smell the odors you describe is not discernment. Spirits intentionally make you smell these odors. They could just as easily not create an odor. When I was involved with spirit guides many years ago who turned out to be demons, there was no odor at all. I have never known of a demon who truly fled at the reading of scripture. Sometimes demons just pretend to leave in order to fool people into thinking their method (such as quoting scripture) was responsible. The same is true for music. What you’re referring to when you mention “transporting their spirit while alive” is what is known as an OBE or out of body experience. During these experiences, the person hears and sees what he would hear or see if he’d really left his or her body, but this is nothing but a demonic illusion. The way to prevent it as a Christian is to do a binding in Jesus’ name against Satan and/or any other spiritual entity (including those authorized to use any of his many names and/or his powers)from causing you to have this type of experience.

    • Spirits don’t smell bad unless they choose to. Sulfur is a popular odor among spirits, as is the smell of oranges and cigar smoke.
      I do not believe that spirits can be transported. When a person as an out of body experience, this is just an elaborate illusion provided by demonic spirits.

  3. Anonofiveseven says:

    I feel a chilling wind whenever I ask God to deliver me from a group of people who have been stalking me, cyberstalking, etc. I’m never near a vent, fan, or window when I feel the wind. I want to know what demon it is that could be causing the wind.

  4. Andrew says:


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