Change of Direction

Now that I no longer write books about the spirit realm, (the ones I’ve written are still available through Amazon and my website) I’ve returned to my first love: writing romances and romantic novels. The first of these is Braddigan’s Folly, the story of a logging camp from the 1930’s doing business in the 90’s. The camp has no electricity, no plumbing, and no phone lines. It is truly a primitive operation.

The logging boss, Pete Decker (Deke), was formerly a basketball coach at Brownsville University. But a sorority prank cost him his coaching career. That’s how he ended up working as a logging foreman. Now Ember Braddigan, a female human interest reporter, has been assigned by the camp owner to do a feature layout on Braddigan’s Folly (so named because no one in the logging business ever expected the camp to succeed). But Deke (Decker) doesn’t want the publicity, and he doesn’t want Ember coming to his camp and distracting his crew.

It’s been seven years since Ember broke into his campus apartment as a sorority initiation to steal the coach’s underwear. But it cost Deke his job, and he remembers Ember well. Ember, on the other hand, has no idea that the logging boss and basketball coach are one and the same. (Due to the fact that Deke was mauled by a bear and was forced to have plastic surgery to build a new nose, his appearance has changed considerably.

Two days before Ember is to come to the logging camp, Deke goes to nearby Pitchfork and places a call in an effort to dissuade her from coming. “… If you still want to come, the train leaves at seven. That’s seven a.m., Miss Braddigan. Not 7:01, not 7:02: Seven a.m. Be there, or be left behind. Oh, and one more thing: when you’re on my turf, you play by my rules. Break them, and you’ll be out on your duff!”

Braddigan’s Folly is available through Amazon in Kindle format.



About Stacie Spielman

Hi. I'm Stacie Spielman, author of the true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. If you're familiar with my website at, you already know that for years after putting Betrayed on my website as a free download, I had a personal phone and Skype ministry working with victims of demonic harassment to help them break free of the demons in their lives. The articles on this site are based on personal experience and on the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world. For more information, visit my website at Note: I no longer work with harassment victims one on one. Instead, I've returned to my former love: writing Romances. To date, my romances include Braddigan's Folly, The Contract, Cute and Sassy, Burgers and Caviar, and my current project The Bagel Tree.
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