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About Stacie Spielman

Hi. I'm Stacie Spielman, author of the true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. If you're familiar with my website at, you already know that for years after putting Betrayed on my website as a free download, I had a personal phone and Skype ministry working with victims of demonic harassment to help them break free of the demons in their lives. The articles on this site are based on personal experience and on the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world. For more information, visit my website at Note: I no longer work with harassment victims one on one. Instead, I've returned to my former love: writing Romances. To date, my romances include Braddigan's Folly, The Contract, Cute and Sassy, Burgers and Caviar, and my current project The Bagel Tree.

When doing a cast away, I have found that (assuming this is because we’re now in end times) demonic spirits don’t leave unless the category they consider themselves to be a part of is addressed. For this reason, when I do a cast away, I address spirits, demons, devils, others I don’t know about, those who have no right to harass, “all identities” of Satan, “all identitities” of satan spelled with a lower case s, and fallen angels. Generally, there will be a manifestation for only one or two of these classifications. Bear in mind that if spirits have a legal right to be in your life (because of something you’ve done that you haven’t apologized to God for and asked His forgiveness) or something you’re still doing that is displeasing to God, the spirits probably won’t leave when you do a cast away.

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Change of Direction

Now that I no longer write books about the spirit realm, (the ones I’ve written are still available through Amazon and my website) I’ve returned to my first love: writing romances and romantic novels. The first of these is Braddigan’s Folly, the … Continue reading

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Twelve Truths and Twelve Lies About the Spirit Realm

Truths and Lies about Demonic Spirits There are many truths, and many lies that abound with regard to the spirit realm. Following are twelve truths and twelve lies regarding the spirit realm and demonic spirits. Truth 1: Demonic spirits are the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Curses

For those of you who have ever wondered if a curse has been put against you…Those who seem to have nothing but bad luck…Those for whom nothing ever seems to go right…Those who have cravings for sweets that never seem … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Story: Little Girl Sold to Satan

Had Sarah been raised by Martha, her life would have been different. You see, George was a voodoo priest and an obeah man, and his wife was a voodoo priestess. Unbeknownst to Martha, George’s purpose in taking the baby was to use it as a scapegoat when doing his witchcraft curses, and his obeah spells and hexes. Continue reading

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Life in a Haunted House

Wrinkling her nose, Ginger reached for a rectangular object wrapped in crimson silk and tied with a black ribbon. The object was thin and flat – about the dimensions of a Monopoly board, but thicker. Curious, Ginger tugged on the ribbon to untie the black bow. The crimson silk fell away to reveal what appeared to be a home-made wooden Ouija Board. The board had no planchette, but a long thin box beside where the board had lain contained a gold-plated chain with a small gold amulet attached to one end. As Ginger picked up the chain, she felt an electrical charge run through her hand and up the length of her arm, causing her to gasp and drop the pendulum. Continue reading

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Interview With Daniel Ott of “The Edge”

If you watched Saturday night’s broadcast (Aug. 11) of The Edge with Daniel Ott, and then listened to the recording at a later time, you may have noticed that the story of how and why I got in touch with my … Continue reading

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Articles for Kindle

I have recently begun writing articles for the Kindle. The following Articles are now available in Kindle format for $.99 each through the Kindle store on Amazon.

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From Sprite to Strawberry Daiquiri

Eve felt like a magician’s assistant in a Las Vegas show. Next to her fist popping open, what she was witnessing here was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen. Continue reading

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Reincarnation: Fact? Or Fiction?

If you’ve read my true story “Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel,” you know that a demonic spirit claimed to be my guardian angel. He told a fantastic story of our having been married in a prior life, and of my … Continue reading

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